Sussi Mattsson

The Wounds to Wisdom Movement

Sussi Mattsson is the founder and creator of The Wounds to Wisdom Movement. This movement builds bridges between the past, the present and the future.

When Sussi was eight years old, her mother died of cancer after a brave fight for over two years. Six months later, she ran away from her father’s home when finding out that he had made a false passport and bought a one way airline ticket out of the country.

He wanted to sell her!

36 years later Sussi began processing the past and writing the book about her childhood, From Wounds To Wisdom.

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Upcoming books

In one of her upcoming books, From Wounds To Wisdom, Sussi takes the reader on an inspirational journey of hope and courage and overcoming life changing obstacles, as she describes her compelling life story.

Another of Sussi’s soon to be published books, The Big 3 – How to build your solid Success Foundation, provides the reader with proven success tools and strategies for building a solid success foundation.

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